Rush Limbaugh feels the sting of social media

It has been interesting to see how news items go viral and how social media reaction can have PR repercussions almost instantly.

Rush Limbaugh is paying for price for his daily highwire act on the radio.

When your job is to enrage and outrage, you’re bound to hit the electric fence once in a while.

What’s new is how quickly brands get spanked for doing the wrong thing.

BTW, I would discourage political comments on this one please.

I don’t have the energy for it and frankly, it’s not worth discussing.

2 responses to “Rush Limbaugh feels the sting of social media

  1. Funny thing Vinny is you can’t harness social media. It really takes outrage for clamor. It takes a massive bribe if it is to promote something for a brand. And this proves what I tell people. Rarely does a specific piece of content go viral. But topics do. Just hope the topic isn’t you, your brand, your business for the wrong reason.

  2. I have to agree with Howie. The payoff has to be immense.

    Plus, it’s been my experience that “going viral” is actually something to avoid at all costs – it’s usually the result of some very poorly-produced or ill-conceived internal tidbit being leaked, or, worse, some B-lister’s sex tape. Either way, it’s not fit for public consumption, EVER, and that’s what makes it so popular.

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