A proper modern ad from the UK

i loved this.

It’s for UK and Ireland betting giant Paddy Power.

Paddy Power started out, you guessed it, in Ireland.

The UK and Ireland have a very relaxed attitude to gambling.

“Betting shops” as they are called, are everywhere.

And you can literally bet on anything.

But it’s mostly horse racing and sports.

The pub i worked in as a teenager in Ireland had a betting shop next door.

The punters would watch the outcomes play out on the tv screen in the pub, having a pint.

I saw the extremes of gambling and i didn’t particularly like what i saw. enough to put me off gambling for life.

So that’s what this is advertising. Betting on horse racing.

More particularly, a specific horse racing festival in the UK in a place called Cheltenham.

It’s very popular with Irish horse racing fans, ie gamblers.

These guys went out on a limb creatively and are being rewarded with a viral hit.

5 responses to “A proper modern ad from the UK

  1. Hee-ilarious. Non ironic slow clap for Paddy Power.

  2. I’m from Cheltenham originally and growing up I can remember the whole town turning into Little Ireland every March. The place was buzzing and there was always a great atmosphere. My favourite story came from a female friend of mine who used to work for the Tote (the official bookmakers at the race course). The Irish were well known for being big tippers and my friend, an attractive and large bosomed lady, would deliberately unbutton her top few buttons to showcase her ample cleavage in the hope of getting a better tip. One winner picked up his large bundle of notes and threw a pound coin onto the counter and said “There ya go darlin’. Buy yourself a button.”

    • that’s very funny rant. the wit of the irish eh. i bet he was from dublin. that sounds like a dubliner line.

      The owner of the pub i worked in, in the 80s, owned horses and one of his horses won the Cheltenham gold cup at 40/1!!! we all had a flutter and made out like bandits.

      But he and his brother together put 50K sterling on him. at forty to one! it was insane partying when they came home.

      they completely knew he was going to win. they even actively encouraged us to bet on their horse. something they never did otherwise. they knew.

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