The Cool Train

In my last post i blogged about some of the true stories about Budweiser that never made it to your TV screen.

My personal favorite was that Anheuser-Busch, the brewers of Budweiser, invented refrigerated rail cars just so they could ship Budweiser beer on the then-nascent railroad system.

In fact, building refrigerated rail cars was a big business for Anheuser Busch for decades.

Take that Steve Jobs!

The founder of Anheuser-Busch, Augustus Busch, was a true visionary.

He created a beer that was uniquely American.

At that point America was an immigrant nation. And brewing was a local activity.

Small time brewers served their peculiar national immigrant groups.

The beer they drank in the old country was the beer they drank in USA.

Which made no sense.

Irish stout doesn’t make a lot of sense in the eastern USA summer.

In a sense, Budweiser’s success was based on the fact that it cut through national preferences.
There simply wasn’t a lot not to like.

It was a refreshing beer with a name that suggested solid German brewing provenance. Though I’m not sure that this wouldn’t have been lost on most people.

So anyway! Back to the fact that A-B invented refrigerated rail cars.

I wanted to do an epic western cinematic spot that celebrated the fact that A-B invented this and the fact that Budweiser is the American beer. Which it is.

“COOL TRAIN” was the Bud idea that got away from me for some reason.

I pitched this a million times without success.

And i know it could and would kick ass.

Here’s the idea.


We see a multicultural group of workers laying railway track in the blazing sun. They are clearly working on the transcontinental railway. Hacking away with picks and hammers. It’s hot and they are working their asses off.

We see foreman on horses surveying the scene.

We see a train engine with a single car come motoring up the track to where the workers are.

We see a FOREMAN look at his pocket watch. It’s five minutes to five.

He blows a whistle.

We see the workers down their tools. they gather round the freight car that has just arrived.

The door is pulled open.
A waft of refrigerated air washes over the sweating workers. They soak up savor the cool air like it’s manna from heaven. Eyes closed ecstatic.

The frozen air clears to reveal crates of old school Budweiser from the 1880s.

This ice cold beer is distributed among the United Nations of immigrants who for the very first time are chilling out and having a beer together.

We see an Irish guy instruct a Chinese guy on how to open a bottle of beer.

We super up the fact that Budweiser invented refrigerated rail cars.

We get Chris Palmer to shoot it.

It’s golden!

(this was my pitch)

9 responses to “The Cool Train

  1. And why did they say no?

  2. It was history Dan. And they wanted Budweiser to be a contemporary brand. They came thisclose to buying it several times. bah!

  3. Just goes to show: You can lead a client to water, but you can’t make him think! I think it’s a great spot. Superbowl level.

    • Oh I wouldn’t go that far Rob. They were an amazing client. But that would have been a great spot. I shot and edited it in my head many times. It would have been Peckinpah-esque!

  4. You had me at COOL TRAIN.

  5. Aw, “not contemporary?” But it’s thoroughly American. I’d say classic, even. Great idea for a spot.

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