Calm down, it’s only the Super Bowl!

Most super bowl ads are terrible. They always have been.

And last night was no exception.


Because creating funny, moving TV ads is tougher than it looks. That’s why.

TV ads are short form films. And getting that just right is hard at the best of times.

Because of the huge audience and comparative big cost of the airtime (though it’s still a bargain IMHO), agencies and clients can get a bit wigged out about the whole deal.

And that’s fatal.

This is why you see so many plastic, overstuffed, celebrity filled disasters on game night.

They’re no fun to watch and you can’t remember who paid for them.

And with the advent of social media, advertisers now expect their epics to generate buzz BEFORE the game AND set Facebook on fire when it airs during the game.

That’s asking a lot.

Arguably too much.

What tends to suffer is storytelling. Which should be the sole focus.

What’s your comedic idea? Is it any good?

I find it hard to believe that anyone found most of the ideas from last night funny at any point in their creation.

The smartest advertisers understand that the whole thing is a game but a game that must be played according to the rules of the event.

People have actually gathered to watch your ad. So relax! Use that. That’s the key.

Chill out.

What would you and your family like to see?

Maybe some genuine, actual human comedy, instead of the tsunami of flopsweat on display last night.

Maybe a chimp wearing a t shirt dancing atop a trash can?


2 responses to “Calm down, it’s only the Super Bowl!

  1. They were really bad. Which is a shame. record viewership and they spent so much on crappy ads.

    Let us do the value approach next year. We pitch these brands a small discount but guarantee the ads rock. With of course you creating them all.

    Was the ad for Chrysler with Clint an ad for Detroit’s Chamber of Commerce and Visitors bureau? It surely wasn’t about the crappy cars Chrysler makes.

  2. With the game pulling in viewing crowds of over-100 million, it’s no surprise that advertisers spend a fortune on ads during the game.

    And the ads could possibly be perceived as a let down in the traditional sense of the word as they don’t really show the products. However, the Super Bowl is a different game and you should be ready to change the rules for it.

    See some of our favourites….


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