I was at Bob Scarpelli’s retirement party last night.

Bob Scarpelli was chief creative officer at DDB Chicago and subsequently worldwide creative director of DDB.

Bob hired me twice. And both times my wife got pregnant, instantly.

So clearly, being hired by Bob Scarpelli will cure infertility.

Bob invited a bunch of former DDB colleagues including myself to his farewell party at a Steak house in Chicago last night.

It was a great night.

Bob has decided that now is a good time to bow out of the ad game.

I should point out that Bob drives an Aston Martin. It used to be a Maserati. Bob is Italian and, big surprise, likes nice cars.

It was a great night.

Lots of reminiscing about the days when DDB Chicago was the hottest agency in the world under his supervision.

But at his request, there were no slickly edited emotional videos. No big advertising hoopla. Just friends, food and booze.

There was a lot of booze.

The legendary but never-aired “UNCLE JULIUS” Budweiser spot was discussed.

And now my head hurts.

Thanks for everything Bob!


  1. I must hear this Uncle Julius story. Or just see the spot if it was shot but never aired.

  2. yeah. don’t be a dicktease. unless the spot is actually of a dick from a clydesdale named julius. in that case, i guess we’ll never know!

  3. The legendary Uncle Julius Budweiser spot that never aired featured a travelling monkeys-on-motorcycles stunt circus that runs out of gas in the middle of the desert. it was a mad epic aimed squarely at Super Bowl domination that went awry somehow. but not for lack of ambition.

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