My idea for Mitt Romney.

I have become fascinated by the Republican party presidential race.

What started out as potential reality TV show has turned into an actual reality TV show.

We know too much about these guys already.

And we all know what familiarity leads to.

We kind of all realize that Mitt Romney is the only electable one of the them.

But he persists in attending debates where he is repeatedly flayed by his opponents and loses because nobody warms to him.

Nobody instinctively likes Mitt Romney.


Big problem.

And it’s compounded by the fact that bombs keep bombing all around his campaign. He is being criticized by his GOP opponents for being too successful an entrepreneur. What?

Nobody could have predicted this. His campaign has turned into a media circus that doesn’t favor him at all.

So my idea is: stop doing it Mitt.

Do something that favors you. And something that flows in your favor media wise.

You’ve already got some experience in reality TV, why not create your own reality TV show. NOW!!!

If i was an advisor to Mitt Romney, i would strongly urge him to do this.

Drop out.

Pick a struggling large employer in a small town in the south and spend the next year reviving it. maybe invest ten million dollars in it.

Create the Mitt Romney Creating Jobs reality TV show. Bring the media to you on your terms.

And show up for the debates fresh from creating jobs in Tennessee. shirt sleeves rolled up. out of breath from creatin’ all them jobs that you’re actually creatin’.

instantly he would diminish Newt et al by doing something only he can do.

And it would feel modern and real and effortlessly yield all his campaign ads.


(Finally,a Big Daddy Kane reference on my blog)

7 responses to “My idea for Mitt Romney.

  1. that is a great idea.

    one that will never happen, but still a great idea.

  2. See, now that’s way better than watching Sarah Palin shoot caribou from a helicopter.

  3. From over the pond the GOP pissing contest is quite difficult to understand. I think it comes down to: they’re all shit. Hey, Obama, have another term by default.

  4. Nuff Respect for your Raw political commentary. Romney isn’t exactly a Smooth Operator, but he needs to Set It Off if he hopes to score Another Victory.

    Warm It Up Mitt!

    • i think a dance-off with Obama is in order. he’s the underdog stiff white guy who needs to learn to dirty dance. and he pulls it off!

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