Check this monster out

It’s the Heaven’s Gate of pop culture reference.

A colossus of rights clearance conundrums.

It’s for the new NIKE Fuelband.


Disclosure: i know one of the creators of this, Mike Warzin. And he told me it was better when they had Andy Kauffman in it.

4 responses to “Check this monster out

  1. Ok it’s entertaining but the idea is as old as the hills, we’ve seen similar a hundred times and what the hell is a fuel band?
    Apart from that I like it!

  2. Oh i’m not sure appropriating pop culture has been done on this scale before Rant. This is special. This is like an Oscars only montage.

    I think only NIKE could pull this off.

    “What’s it for?” “Taco Bell!” “Fuck off!”


    “What’s it for?” “Nike!” “Nike? Cool”.

    I personally loved and was overwhelmed by it. can’t ask for more than that.

  3. Oh man. I laughed at “the Heaven’s Gate of pop culture reference,” but then I watched the spot. It’s like my whole life just flashed before my eyes.

    Plus, I get the message, clear as a bell: this fuel band thing counts all movement throughout the day.

    If I were to say anything negative about Nike work, it would likely be, “Dammit, you guys. Stop making everyone else look bad.”

  4. Fuelband’s are for the weak, I mean week.

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