Ye olde targette markette

I hate it when marketers talk about their “target market”, or “target” if you’re in a hurry.

It just feels like the wrong term.

It’s too militaristic for my liking.

Aren’t we trying to be friends?

And creatively speaking it’s of little use.

Personally speaking, I always create everything i create for everyone. All the time.

You can’t parse humanity, as my old boss use to say.

That’s why i loved working on the super bowl.

Everyone and their dog and their grandma, watched the super bowl.

Everybody had to love your ad or you were sunk. The “target” was America.

And the brands that everybody loved, Pepsi and Bud Light etc, were the ones that scored highest year in and year out.

Because they already had a lot of practice at being loved by everybody all the time.

2 responses to “Ye olde targette markette

  1. Who is this post aimed at?

  2. Rant, it’s clearly aimed at Women 18-35 who enjoy an active lifestyle and are looking for a car/snack/cleaning polish that reflects their aspirational lifestyle.

    thought that was obvious!

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