You’ve come a long way Ricky!

Love how far Ricky Gervais has come in the USA culture.

Not sure his countrymen realize how big he is over here.

Americans looove them some Ricky Gervais.

That’s why he hosts the Golden Globes. The yanks love Ricky.

It just about blew my mind when he put this on the first episode of The Office years ago.

I loved how his character was the perfect example of what killed the popularity of the Budweiser Wassup! campaign. The annoying guy in the office does it. It’s over.

You live by the sword you die by the sword etc.

But I thought this little tidbit of association might someday entitle me to go to THE OFFICE fan conventions of 2020 and sell autographed WASSUP! tongues in the lobby.

4 responses to “You’ve come a long way Ricky!

  1. alan partridge did a similar thing over here just by driving a lexus.

    no amount of media spend could reverse the bad associated with driving one.

    i hold my hat off to you for that one though, vinny. seeing how big ricky has become must make it even more amazing.

    i’d take that little homage over an award any day.

  2. @twittacam, it is way better than any award. you should have seen my daughter’s face when she saw the office for the first time recently. yesss!

  3. The UK Office; my favorite TV comedy, ever. The definition of genius.

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