A word of advice for my foreign reader Gustav in Serbia

I live in America and have had the great good luck to have had my pick of directors over the years at various points.

And because i live in America i get to shoot my video with Hollywood’s best. It’s a real advantage

I was reminded of how lucky i am when i met with some UK creatives recently who had never shot outside the UK. The very idea of that made me shudder.

I told them to take full advantage of Hollywood.

Hollywood is a well oiled machine. Anything you can dream of they can make real.

It’s amazing.

If i was from Europe and looking to differentiate myself I would dive into Hollywood.

but the great thing about working in America is the breadth of directorial talent you can hire.
Because Hollywood is an industry town, the film talent flocks there. And even they need to pay the bills.

So we are kind of spoiled for choice.

The ad guy turned director. Lots of them now. can be great if they’re real artists.

The currently hot director. usually has an identifiable flavor. use him! use her! use them!

The famous movie director. you pretend you aren’t intimidated but you really are. so you don’t tell them to f**k off. and regret it later.

The random choice director. you found them and you’re taking a chance. you feel maternal about these guys.

I would like to add a new category to this list.

The guy who’s shot multiple HBO shows. Sopranos, Rome, Game of Thrones. And you’re worried if he can shoot your embarrassingly paltry story?

I was watching Game of Thrones and saw i’d worked with the director of one of my favorite episodes. He also did episodes of the Sopranos.

And the great thing about this tribe of HBO sanctioned directors is that they are pros of the first order. No ego. And they work fast.

And your ad will look like HBO!

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