David Mamet and I agree on this

A few years back i saw a film called GALAXY QUEST.

It was basically a parody of Star Trek and the fan culture that grew up around that TV show over the years.

But it was also more than that. Much more.

You’ll see what I mean if you watch it.

So for years, I’ve been telling everyone and anyone to see this gem of a film.

Because that’s what it is: a gem.

There’s something deeply satisfying about this film in terms of its story and structure.

At least that’s what I thought.

And until today I thought that maybe i was the only one.

But I’m not the only. Oh no.

Today i found out that no less than legendary American playwright David “Glengarry Glen Ross” Mamet considers it to be “a perfect film”.


Oh NOW you’ll watch it. Suuure.

6 responses to “David Mamet and I agree on this

  1. You were never the only one.

  2. I totally agree! Alan Rickman is perfect in the role of the disgruntled actor who feels he never got to play a part fitting his talent. The exhilarated aliens are unforgettable and it doesn’t hurt that Sigourney Weaver looks fantastic.
    Another “sleeper” of a movie is “What planet are you from”, featuring Garry Shindling and Annette Benning. Garry plays an alien from an all-male planet, sent to earth to find a woman to mate with. Check it out if you haven’t seen it.

  3. It’s an under the radar classic. The Shatner/original Star Trek parallel alone is worth it, as is Sam Rockwell’s role.

    • agreed. sam rockwell’s performance is the one that gets the most laughs out of me with repeated viewing. and tim allen is perfect in Shatner’s role.

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