Welcome to the great Mayan apocalypse!

I love how a culture that couldn’t invent the wheel is suddenly the authority on the precise moment the world will end.

Have a great 2012!

7 responses to “Welcome to the great Mayan apocalypse!

  1. It used to be that everyone talked about Nostradamus.
    How he forecast many historic events hundreds of years before they actually happened.
    What mainly scared everyone was his final prediction, that the world would come to an end in July 1999.

  2. Maybey they did not invent the wheel because they were to bussy calculating the exact year the world would come to an end :)

    • good point nico. who needs wheels. calendars are where it’s at. in fairness, the reason they didn’t have wheels was they didn’t have any draft animals to pull carts. plus they were in the jungle.

  3. “The Mayans had the wheel, but only used it for children’s toys; they
    did real cargo hauling with drag sledges”

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