This is how it’s done retail people. The legend of the Tiffany charm bracelet

I bought my very fun and creative 12 year old daughter a silver Tiffany charm bracelet for her birthday a few months ago. And an initial heart shaped charm with her name FIONA inscribed on it.

She loves the movie breakfast at Tiffany’s.

She wants to paint her bedroom door like a Tiffany box.

She’s also a rather good ballet dancer.

So, for Christmas, I got her a ballet slipper charm with a little diamond on it. Felt very good about myself!

Then, on Christmas morning, her delight turned to deflation upon realizing that the charm lacked a clasp to attach it to her bracelet.


So, we both went to the Tiffany’s near our home to, i guessed, buy some silver type of clasp.

I was wrong. Boy was I wrong.

Here’s what happened next.

We were directed to Customer Service. A room at the back of the store where two young women sat.

Our lovely helper informed us that the optimal way to attach Tiffany charms to Tiffany bracelets was to have them soldered on permanently.

“And hoooow much will this lovely procedure cost me?” I’m thinking.

She went on to inform us that it was done for FREE and they would also attach her first charm as well. They also shine up the bracelets so they look brand new. The whole thing will take about a week or so.

And i’m guessing it will come in a little blue box wrapped in white ribbon.

And there will much girly shrieking.

And i’m sure my 12 year old daughter will be excited about it too!

5 responses to “This is how it’s done retail people. The legend of the Tiffany charm bracelet

  1. mickey rooney in breakfast at tiffany’s some is the worst performance by a professional actor in the history of stage, screen, and television…..
    it would be the one instance where i favored censorship—clipping out every second of that performance would not violate the first amendment…

  2. Call it customer retention strategy. Am sure whenever you want to buy your daughter something, the first place to think of will always be Tiffany’s

    • absolutely jasan, they know what they’re doing. but it’s still an almost Victorian gesture. it’s working on me. i know what she’s getting next!

  3. to be fair to mr. rooney——he had a long career or has had one….he still being among the living
    his earliest stuff was silent when he was about six years old…..he played in shorts as a character called mickey mcguire….pretty funny stuff actually…..

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