What’s your short cut?

I have frequently observed that finding the fastest way of achieving whatever goal i had was usually prompted by an acutely dire need to achieve that goal.

And when i got to that point I invariably searched for short cuts to achieving that goal.

By doing things that nobody else was doing because they didn’t want it as badly as I did.

For example, I wanted to work for my first boss so badly that i literally stalked him to see what products he used so i could create ad campaigns in his style for those products.

I was hunting it down.

And that’s the best way to be. Actively hunting it down.

Because that’s when you start to think of short cuts.

Life is short. So short cuts are good.

Asking yourself what’s the most obvious short cut in your industry can be really helpful.

Clears your head a bit.

2 responses to “What’s your short cut?

  1. Have some festive fun, Dude.

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