Ho, ho, ho etc…

Time for my annual airing of the ONLY holiday spot i ever did.

It was an extension of a very popular OfficeMax campaign that featured a happy go lucky office supplies guy who danced around to the song “Rubberbandman” by The spinners.

The spot really took off. But our guy never spoke and the song was the anchor to the whole thing.

So we were in a bit of an executional pickle.

So we took him to Frostie the Snowman land.

This was stop-motion animation, old school stylee. A painfully slow process.

The guys at BENT animation Portland OR did this.

Happy holiday season to all my readers.

That’s you Trevor and Bob and the guy from portugal.

4 responses to “Ho, ho, ho etc…

  1. I remember that, really cool. The Rubberbandman campaign was well thought of around the agency back then. Glad you went with the stop motion. Much fun.

  2. glad you liked rob. believe it or not the rubberband man spot was something we presented in the pitch to win the officemax account. worked out pretty good. it was based on a guy at my old agency who delivered office supplies.

  3. I would love to have been a fly on the wall during that pitch. Did you do the singing and dancing, or did you do a spec spot?

  4. I thiink we just played the song and showed them a storyboard. got lucky with the casting on that one. he was a star. and he is one now too. He was later cast on My Name is Earl

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