Bottled water. What a scam.

The mindblowing success of the bottled water industry is amazing.

They somehow managed to convince us all that buying tap water out of plastic bottles is better than free tap water from our, er, taps. (Tap = UK for “faucet”). The vast majority of bottled water doesn’t even come from a Norwegian spring guarded by Vikings and maidens. It’s just regular water that’s been filtered a bit.

it’s nuts.

eight glasses a day? what am i, a house plant?

The power of marketing eh!

Ben Kay off of the Ben Kay blog has produced a piece of video to help stop this insanity.

2 responses to “Bottled water. What a scam.

  1. This is a hot topic. But then, it has been ever since the Babylonians,
    Egyptians, Aztecs and Chinese.

    Remember this:

  2. Thank you very much, Vinny. Let’s keep spreading the sense.

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