Using social media is a lot like editing a very small regional newspaper

Because we’ve done some high profile work that utilized social media at The Escape Pod, we sometimes get asked about it.

Questions like “what should we do with social media?”

And the answer is embarrassingly simple: do something.

Everyone and every brand has its own constituencies. And its fans.

Somebody out there loves you. Engage that person. Build your fanbase.

How do you that?

Be yourself.

Pretend that you are writing and editing a very small local newspaper.

Missing cats and thefts from cars and DUIs and deaths and new store openings. It might not sound like riveting stuff but it can be if you live in the area. This is the stuff of local newspapers.

Similarly, while it might be earth shattering that you are opening a new office in the west coast or you are introducing a new spicier flavor of chip, it is of great interest to your fan(s). So tell them.

Don’t edit yourself too harshly. Just be yourself.

You can’t wait for the big story, just like the editor of the Moosehaven Herald can’t.

The big story might never ever come. So put out all the little stories that are staring you in the face. Make it up as you go along. You’d be surprised at what you can pull out of your ass when you have to!

The goal of social media should be harness what’s already there and use it to make more friends for you or your brand. And see where that takes you.

There’s no magic bullet.

But if you do happen to find a magic bullet, take a picture of this alleged magic bullet. And put it on your blog. And post a link to your blog on Twitter and FB.

Maybe make a video of yourself firing the magic bullet. That would be cool. Create an event.

Engage the magic bullet community!

There’s huge interest in magic bullets I’m guessing.

3 responses to “Using social media is a lot like editing a very small regional newspaper

  1. What is a Dingle?

    Really good stuff Vinny. You took all the books the gurus have written and condensed it into one page.

    • Dingle is a town in Ireland. sounds funny now that you put it that way. glad you like howie. doesn’t sound so glamorous as the gurus hype it. never does! ;-)

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