Hardy Bucks and the George Romero $2 Internet Theory

I remember years ago reading an article about the then-nascent internet.

For some reason, the writer asked horror film director George A. Romero what he thought of this new medium.

His dead on reply was “the internet is like the $2 betting window at the race track. if you win big, great. If you lose, you’ve only lost two bucks”.

His point being that the Internet potentially allowed anyone with a camera to reach a worldwide audience.

This clip is a great example of the Romero Two Dollar theory.

It’s from an Irish TV show called THE HARDY BUCKS.

The Hardy Bucks got their start online on YouTube. It was a bunch of Irish guys with cameras and vision who set out to make a comedy based on their lives.

It’s set in the part of the west of Ireland that i grew up in and it brilliantly captures the humdrum and slightly surreal life there. They really do talk like that. This is the real deal.

Based on its online popularity the “show” recently got picked up by Ireland’s national TV station and is now airing.

And in the OLD DAYS, that would have been victory, getting on TV.

Because you were finally famous!

But these guys were already famous. And fame is fame.

I can’t see RTE buying this series in idea form. It’s too potent culturally.

“Hey, how bout instead they’re all architectural students living in a mad pad in Dublin?”

The Hardy Bucks kind of held the chips here. That’s why it’s so good.

It’s pure. And pure is rare.

3 responses to “Hardy Bucks and the George Romero $2 Internet Theory

  1. “Honest to God I don’t know how you can live here fuckin no pubs or a car parks…nothing.” Love it.

  2. love the cadence.

  3. Talking of cadence. Here’s some straight talking from a northerner.

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