Happy accidents

I thought of this spot today. I did it years ago.

the reason it popped into my head was because it was during this shoot, on a mountain in California, that i first saw somebody get internet on a phone. blew my mind.

I was a bit surprised at how mountain-y and dangerous this shoot turned out to be. I figured we’d hollywood fake it. i was wrong!

I loved this spot because the funniest part of it was completely unplanned.

The African-American woman who bursts into laughter did so because she actually thought the first take of the presenter guy was Hilarious.

She couldn’t help herself.

She only did it once but it was so charming we put that very first take in the cut.

2 responses to “Happy accidents

  1. Great ad. Nice one.

  2. thanks ben. fun shoot too. turns out i’m scared of heights!

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