Experience The Escape Pod in less than two minutes!

Recently, per a pitch request, we put together a “sizzle video” (love that term) of our work in recent years.

And coincidentally, The Escape Pod recently had its fifth birthday!

Hard to believe. It’s like having kids all over again. Time really flies.

When we started The Escape Pod we were determined not to do the same old same old.

Our positioning (known only to ourselves btw) was, and remains, “advertising agency of the present”.

Our reasoning was that there was so much change going on in the media landscape that all one really needs to do to innovate is simply keep up with what’s going on and have the work reflect that reality.

We wanted to max out all the media opportunities basically.

New and old. Analog and digital. Whatever works, works for The Escape Pod.

I’m happy to say that we have lived up to our principles.

And i am frankly kind of happily bewildered at some of the stuff we have managed to pull off.

The very first thing we did was an hour long branded content TV show for client OfficeMax.
Oh, and it was a hidden camera prank of epic proportions. This was a million dollar gamble in execution alone. Something that only really hit me the morning of the shoot.

We went on to explore this notion of “reality advertising” because it is a great way to create video content that would live online.

We sent a redheaded guy around New York City buying stuff with pennies.

And the next year, we somewhat insanely holed our carrot topped penny provocateur up in a mansion in New York. This time, bizarrely, with a prepubescent protege. We did one day as a Scottish prince and one day as a Texas oil baron. It was sheer lunacy! But it worked.

I also loved that we were the first people to bring Twitter to TV. I’m sure there will be many more. Again here we leveraged our experience in shooting guerrilla style here. It’s like doing a bank job. It’s exciting. You want to keep doing it!

And i loved the idea of having an upper class English polar explorer guide New Jersey shoppers to the chilly section where the superior Claussen pickles are. These pickles are amazing btw

We also did regular ole TV commercials. And i have to say, having done all the crazy shit we’ve done, doing a simple, traditional :30 TV spot is something we really appreciate doing.

Thirty seconds is but the the blink of an eye compared to the length some of the things we’ve done.

At this point i feel i should raise an imaginary internet glass to my partners Norm Bilow, Matthew Johnson and Kent Kwiatt and thank them for all their ideas and energy and passion and patience and…stuff.

You guys are the best. Cheers!

Have a look. The Escape Pod “sizzle” reel.

7 responses to “Experience The Escape Pod in less than two minutes!

  1. Very impressive guys. Life, business and most especially advertising should be one big fucking adventure. And Escape Pod gets my vote for the most adventurous agency in America.

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  4. You guys do off the charts stuff…..glad to be a part of it!!!

  5. thanks for the kind words guys. it was indeed an adventure doing all that stuff. i’m a lucky guy.

  6. I must admit that this overview of the last few years is quite an energizing reminder!

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