Execution is Everything. Part 5

The more i do and experience in advertising, the more i am convinced that execution is everything.

It may well be the only thing your consumer will ever experience of your brand. Your ad. Your point of purchase. Your logo.

Executional cues are all we have to go by. We don’t have time to think.

People are superficial, self-absorbed and in a hurry. You and I being the only two salutary exceptions to this, of course!

And nobody ever set out to create a crap brand.

Everybody wants to execute like a viking.

Everybody wants to be Apple.

And everyone likes to think that given the chance, yeah they could approach that level.

But it’s a level of execution, isn’t it.

And great execution is hard.

Mostly because most people don’t get a chance to hone their skills at it. They never get to work the master controls of their industry.

They never get to actually design a car. Or direct a movie. Once, let alone a lot of times.

“EXECUTION” gets built up as this big one time only thing, when it’s really an everyday thing.

You don’t suddenly shine during the execution phase randomly.

Everything is execution.

Or it is isn’t.

And if it isn’t, execution is going to be difficult.

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