Pure pleasure on your bottom?

I found this in my recycling bin yesterday.

My daughter loves Greek Yogurt.

This is the cardboard wrapper on the four pack that has caramel on the bottom of each of the four little plastic containers. You stir it up and mix it with the yogurt.

Anyway, somehow this factual tidbit got blown up and twisted into…


And you know they had meetings about this.

And many iterations were presented.

And everyone nodded seriously.

And this design was chosen.

And nobody smiled.

And everyone went home.

4 responses to “Pure pleasure on your bottom?

  1. You should send this to the folks at wackaging.

  2. Being a huge Chobani fan this is hilarious. BTW you let your daughter eat this refined crap Vinny?! Upgrade her for Chrissake! ;-)

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