Shot this years ago. Just found it.

I am a huge fan of the film PUTNEY SWOPE.

Not because it’s about advertising.

Because it was so mindblowingly ambitious and well executed.

If you haven’t seen it i highly recommend you do so.

It made a huge impression on me and I shot this in tribute to it.

It’s an homage to this commercial created by Putney Swope’s ad agency.

I based it on the fact that it would always blow American’s minds when i told them that Budweiser was the number one selling lager in Ireland.

Because of Irish people’s, ahem, expert drinker status, it meant that Budweiser must actually be a good lager. Something a lot of Americans simply didn’t want to be true.

And when I would tell them this, they would invariably react like this guy. BTW, this actor, Ned Eisenberg, was phenomenal.

Clint Eastwood cast him as SAL in MILLION DOLLAR BABY. He also played the badass Hasidic Jewish guy in the first season on The Sopranos.

4 responses to “Shot this years ago. Just found it.

  1. Never forget that Putney Swope ( The best film on advertising ever) was directed by Robert Downey Senior, who turned his son on to drugs at the age of ten. Should have turned him onto Bud. It can do no possible harm, it’s made from fucking rice and tastes like nuns piss… Every Irishman I know, would rather poke their eyes out with knitting needles than drink that shit… Just taking the piss… Nuns, that is.

    • very funny george. and true. personally i was always a Carlsberg chav lager type. zero class here!

      great movie though!

  2. Love it. I will watch Putney Swope pronto.

    • it’s a very dense flick john. watch for the bits everyone else has ripped off. esp the firework lighting scenes in the elevator.

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