Daily Archives: November 15, 2011


I came across this the other day.

Here’s what’s happening in this video.

Glasgow Celtic fans are screaming “PADDY McCOURT’S FENIAN ARMY!” over and over. They are playing a French team, Rennes.

Paddy McCourt is from Northern Ireland. He plays for Celtic. who are a team with very strong ties to Ireland.

Fenian is a reference to the Irish Catholic rebel tradition that Glasgow Celtic are associated with. It’s a 19th century term.

There is also an equal and opposite Scottish Protestant Glasgow soccer team. They are called Glasgow Rangers.

Rangers are the moon to Celtic’s sun.

The enmity between these two teams is legendary. As you can imagine.

Celts fighting each other is always good viewing.

But the interesting thing about this random piece of soccer stadium phone footage is the relationship between the two teams playing.

Celtic had come to Rennes in France. Rennes and Celtic have a traditional simpatico relationship. Fans of Rennes will carry Celtic shamrocks when the team travels abroad. And Celtic fans will seek out Rennes fans to party with. They have each others backs.

So you have French guys carrying shamrocks in Germany etc. And Scottish guys who look for Rennes insignia.

That’s two tribes with a tribal alliance.

And sports is involved too!