Execution is the only thing that matters. Part 3


A young woman swings a sword around while dancing to techno music playing on a boombox on a table. Behind the dancer, an elderly woman wearing sunglasses is sitting down. A small terrier dog ambles about uninterested at her feet.

A young male holding a beer emerges from a glass patio beer. He hands his beer to the seated elderly woman and starts to dance along with the girl.

4 responses to “Execution is the only thing that matters. Part 3

  1. Oh my God. I need to see more of this and I don’t understand why. Doesn’t matter. Just need more.

    • something smelt fishy about this to me dan. but it doesn’t matter. it’s mindblowingly awesome. if it was a fake it was directed by Brian Beletic. that takes real skill

  2. Oh, I think it’s definitely set up, the second video of theirs is a little too good also. You don’t get lucky like that twice. But I don’t care. Addictive.

  3. well, everything is “set up”. Just some things work out better than others.

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