Execution. The only thing that matters. Part 2

i saw this recently in real life and it made a huge impact on me. It’s for Kingsford charcoal. The kind you use in barbecues.

I was captivated by a commercial for charcoal. Never thought I’d write THAT sentence.

It’s a good example of what i was was raving about yesterday.

At the end of the day, Kingsford knew they were going to be doing a TV commercial.

And they wisely avoided the meh comedy that characterizes 90% of TV ads.

And went for a more romantic and emotional route. And they succeeded mightily in my estimation.

interesting fact. Kingsford charcoal was started by Henry Ford. He had very precise specs for the boxes that his suppliers shipped their parts in. The boxes had to be a certain length and be drilled a certain way.

He then disassembled the boxes and voila! he had free pre-cut floorboards for the Model T courtesy of his unwitting suppliers.

He then had the cheek to start a charcoal business from the rest of the boxes that he didn’t use! KINGS…FORD charcoal.

True fact.

6 responses to “Execution. The only thing that matters. Part 2

  1. Have you seen this UK ad for Lurpak? Execution extraordinaire!

  2. i loved that rant. Die Hard with Butter.

  3. I find eggs disgusting @rant but that was a great spot!
    Vinny you never cease to educate me. You really Irish? ;-)

    Great great spot. The spot sells. It sells an experience. It isn’t shoveling some horse shit saying ‘Look at me’.

  4. i know howie. glad you liked it. it should win tons of awards but probably won’t because it’s too well executed and too nuanced. sigh! But i hereby give it an Escape Pod Platinum Awardy award. there. fixed.

  5. The cynic in me was ready to not like it. A charcoal ad? Come on.

    But, fuck it. That was awesome. Truly inspired. Well done.

    My only hangup is that I question how properly brand-linked this is. Kingsford barely appears at the end…and I’d bet most don’t know what this brand even is. Is it a brand of grills? Is it grass fertilizer? Meat? An association? This is a big problem.

    But again, fuck it. Loved it. I’m going to have to think this through some more.

  6. (simon cowell voice) Martin! Martin! Martin! you astound me. it’s kingsford blinking charcoal. that registered with me first time and i don’t even use or care about charcoal. this is a masterpiece. my fiery hat is off to them.

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