Read this if you work in advertising or marketing

An extremely well thought through and concisely written piece by an advertising planner from Amsterdam.

We at the escape pod have had more actual experience than most in the online and social media arenas.

We’ve gotten our hands dirty so to speak.

So we actually know what we’re talking about! Imagine that. Advertising people who don’t just spout theory and jargon.

I get the feeling this guy is a like mind.

As he says himself, his piece isn’t a Luddite rant against new technology. It’s a plea to marketers and agencies to stop getting high on digital bullshit, essentially. And to get real.

So put down the seth godin and malcolm gladwell books for a few moments and read this.

9 responses to “Read this if you work in advertising or marketing

  1. Read this yesterday. It’s like the Holy Grail of advertising today. A must read. Especially for the up & comers just starting out.

  2. a breath of fresh air rob. loved it. Wieden is lucky to have him.

  3. I tweeted about this last week, and said it was the single best post I’ve read on the industry this year.

    An absolute must read, thanks for helping to spread the word.

  4. that is brilliant.

    my suspicion is we will retrospectively view a lot of this “engaging’ and “digital” advertising as embarrassing. in much the same way we all look back at photo’s of ourselves in our teens and cringe at what we wore and what we thought was cool.

    but the good news is we will go through it.

  5. retrospectively? I’ve been cringing since 2004. the day of the digital wank is over. but advertising, as usual, is about three years behind.

    and you are correct. all things must pass. and this will too.

    love your site btw. very nice.

  6. Hey @twittacam – Got a good chuckle out of your Argentine “out there” profile (nice touch with the accent on the Cameron and Elliot). But there’s one crucial mistake – the copy is in Portuguese, not Spanish.

    • thanks Martin.

      We’ll have to fix that.

      I’ll blame google translate.

      and myself for not double checking.

      escape pod – re “retrospectively”, yes you’re right.

      and keep up the brilliant posts.


    But he has one valid point. People are doing things out of self interest. When they say half of ad spending is wasted they don’t know which half. What Agency would say ‘I have the answer please cut our billings in half’

    So many suckers and so much waste.

  8. you know what it is Howie, not many people ever really get the big picture. that opens the door for the digital charlatans with all the latest magic. Everybody wants an Old Spice style hit, everybody conveniently forgets that it first aired on the super bowl. Being on Facebook is like being in the phone book. Which, unless you’re Steve Martin in the Jerk, is not that big a deal.

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