Yvonne Jablonski RIP

I just found out that my good friend and former colleague at DDB Chicago, Yvonne Jablonski, has passed away.

This saddens me for several reasons.

She was too young to die.

She was great fun.

And, I had been meaning to reconnect with her but hadn’t. I don’t think she was on Facebook. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t.

Yvonne was a working class Chicago Polish gal. She had edges to her.

She liked to have a good time and she was very funny.

Yvonne was a Production Business Manager at DDB. It was her job to deal with all the details and finances from the various commercial productions on the accounts that she was responsible for. It was a lot of work. Yvonne worked very hard.

From what I gathered from Yvonne, doing all of this could be a major pain in the ass. Or “pain in the ayasss” as she might say.

But she did it with a smile and a laugh and a shake of her head.

Yvonne was also always a very reliable bellwether for my ideas. She would tell you what she honestly thought.

And if Yvonne Jablonski didn’t like your idea, maybe your idea wasn’t so friggin’ hot.

Yvonne had a very vivid and positive energy about her.

And she will be missed by all who knew her.

Goodbye Yvonne. And hopefully you don’t have to take a friggin’ elevator ride just to have a smoke in heaven.

17 responses to “Yvonne Jablonski RIP

  1. I will miss Yvonne greatly also. She was a good person with a heart of gold. Her love of animals knew no boundaries. RIP my good friend.

    • nobody loved animals more than her Candy. we would frequently talk about them. she would freak out about the birds that would crash into our skyscraper building. i remember once we rescued baby bunnies in the garden. or rather, i did at her insistence!

  2. The Yvonnes of the world (I didn’t know her but you capture her spirit very well) are the heart and soul of agencies (and I suspect of all kinds of other businesses). And often very much ‘of’ the city in which they work. Unlike we transients. Sorry for the loss of your friend and great colleague.

    • thanks simon. yes, yvonne was one of those people who make advertising actually work. while we are off swanning in LA.

  3. Yvonne was the real deal. Yeah, she had an edge, but it was a good edge and an essential part of her awesomeness. She will definitely be missed by many. RIP, Yvonne.

  4. She was one of a kind. It is a sad day for DDBdom.

  5. A very moving eulogy Vinny. Sorry May she RIP

  6. Oh my Vinnie, how wonderful of you to write this. I was Yvonnes best friend. I have known her for 35 years. I don’t know what I will do without her. Thank you so much. Ilene

    • thanks Ilene. I’m glad you liked it and i’m sorry for your loss. Yvonne and I got along really well over the years. there was an informal gathering of her ddb comrades last week. i think that’s a great tribute to her spirit. are her parents still with us?

      • No, unfortunately her parents are gone. She was very close to them, and missed them every day. Thanks to all DDB friends for doing that. She would have cried. xoxoxoxox

      • Ilene, I am so sorry for your loss. I went to grammar school with Yvonne and was preparing to reach out to her for our 50th reunion. Everyone adored Yvonne even then. I don’t think there was a boy in the class that didn’t have a crush on her. If this reaches you, please call me. Irene Frejek 847-803-1212.

    • Julie Annen Duero

      We so missed Yvonne at Christmas dinner! Actually we are still missing Uncle George and Sabina too! We had a toast to her and I am sure she appreciated that I got her portion of garlic shrimp! (we always used to “fight” over it:) My husband broke a glass washing dishes and the joke was Yvonne made him do it because she always broke a dish too. Hope the New Year is finding you and your family well!

  7. 2011? hmm, that would make it 36 years or so. I can close my eyes and still see her poking’ her face into my office. Givin’ me flak with a mischievous grin. She was one of the very few all good ones. The easiest of hangs, and btw, HOT in those days. Yeah, I said it. But better than that, a heart so pure, and a laugh so real, she made a work day something to look forward to. Our birthdays are a day apart, and the party will go on in her honor. How lucky we ware to have known her.

  8. I just learned Sue had died. I was her husband a million years ago. I can see her in the descriptions above. The world is much depleted for me.

  9. Bye Yvonne I hope your ok and with your parents.

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