Finally, a decent ad for a tequila

I love tequila.

it’s a great drink. it gives you energy and purpose when you need it most.

in my case, that’s usually that’s after 2 a.m. after a shoot or something celebratory like that.

So tequila serves a special purpose.

I think it’s made from the guava plant. which looks something an aloe plant. i think. i don’t really care to be honest.

here’s the deal. I don’t really care about how they make it, i just know it feels good at the time.

so how do you get your brand of tequila into my brain so that i remember it at two in the morning?

well something like this might work.

De Leon tequila. I will probably make a big deal about ONLY drinking this tequila next time i am in the mood for a shot of tequila. because they got into my head.

and alcohol is all in your head.

One response to “Finally, a decent ad for a tequila

  1. I love it too Vinny. And if those guys drink tequila I will drink tequila.

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