Pro bono advertising

It’s called pro bono advertising, which means “for good”. but all too often it’s pro awardo advertising really isn’t it.

i have actually done very little pro bono advertising in my career. tsk, tsk!

We at The Escape Pod have been thinking about taking on a worthy cause. But only if we can make a difference. We’re not doing this to win awards. Thankfully we can do that with our regular clients.

Since we wouldn’t make any money on it, it has to be something near and dear to our hearts.

One thing that is very close to my heart is caring for mentally challenged children.

My late mother worked with these kids so i have a soft spot for them. Especially Down Syndrome kids. They were amazing.

And ideally, if we were to do some charitable work, it would be fundraising. We know how to get money out of people. And it’s measurable and concrete. we like that.

So if you know anyone who needs help, give us a holler.

3 responses to “Pro bono advertising

  1. A word of advice. Make sure the charity or cause you choose to represent has the enthusiasm and commitment to match their need. I pushed quite hard for our agency to work for a charity close to my heart on a pro bono basis. They seemed delighted and grateful when approached. I wasn’t after gratitude or awards but genuinely wanted to do work that would raise, not only money, but a wider understanding of the condition. However the organisation is so political that it is very hard to get new work produced and they seem to lack the imagination and drive to produce a big campaign as they claim to have very little funds. We have told them that this needn’t be a barrier as there are many ways around this. Consequently we have only produced a couple of quite dry projects that answer a specific need rather than make a big impact. I feel quite disappointed by the whole endeavour as I want to help make a difference but also feel we are working for them at the potential expense of another more ambitious and forward thinking cause that is equally if not more deserving.
    Sorry, that turned into more of a rant than a word of caution.
    Good luck with it though.

  2. thanks for the advice rant. i have heard horror stories about charities as clients. but we would only take on someone whose head is screwed on tight. we want to have an effect here, so that means staying in the real world.

  3. Hehehehe Vinny said Bono.

    I agree it should be something you are passionate about. Like the tea party.

    I look forward to what you wind up choosing. They will be very lucky!

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