Everybody wants to direct, not everybody is Stanley Kubrick

Just read this fascinating and brutally honest interview with a B-list Hollywood director. You can read it here.

Among other things he directed the classic TEEN WOLF starring Michael J. Fox. Yes, i am that old.

I found his interview a hell of a lot more illuminating than listening to yet another great director whine on about his or her process.

5 responses to “Everybody wants to direct, not everybody is Stanley Kubrick

  1. Good to hear some no-nonsense honesty, there. Also interesting what he was saying about how there is some serious money to be made from filling the space between blockbusters.

    I would imagine that it is those kind of films that prop up the studios & help pay for the Blockbusters, not to mention keeping cinemas busy enough to stay open.

    • yes guy. it’s funny old game film-making. like advertising, most of it is worthless dreck. usually because those concerned don’t really know what they’re doing. i loved the Joe Pesci “fish in water” comment. so true.

  2. I like his attitude “I got paid a ton of money for crap but still made the best I could”. many advertisers could learn a lesson from this.

    also reminds me of two great kitch-directors from 50s.
    instead of spending money on making a movie and sell them to cinemas (which were more private-owned at that time) risking losing a lot of money they got a brilliant idea.
    they wrote a full page of just movie titles (the genre was “Attack of a Space Umbrella”, “Return of Killer Sausage”, you get it) and went straight to cinema owners asking them which movie they’d show. movie owners used their “expertise” and knowledge what sells and chose some titles.
    only than they wrote a script and shot it (we’re talking cheap D movie production here).
    every movie owner bought it instantly and those two guys made millions.

    were they fake? no. they were smart. as was Ron Daniels.

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