Chuck Porter talks some sense

Chuck Porter, of Crispin Porter Bogusky, has always struck me as a down to earth, somewhat avuncular character.

And as a somewhat fearless speaker of the truth. An all too rare commodity in our business.

He was recently interviewed in Forbes magazine. You can read it here.

One response to “Chuck Porter talks some sense

  1. some interesting points.

    1. I think world’s got enough “cool” brands and needs more smart ones. CP+B forgot about that IMHO. they’ve fallen into the very hole they dug up. just recently I read a psychological study claiming people make two basic judgments on other people almost instantly: are you warm-hearted and/or are you competent? since brands are built on human characteristics I think people judge brands the same way.

    2. I fully agree that CMO’s are becoming more and more brand-keepers that they used to be. this realm was agencies’ safe-point long enough. not anymore. on the other hand, some great agencies help solve business problems. a bit like role revearsal.

    3. we’re in a great transition to something nobody can foresee. whether this scares you or challenges you is totally personal. but one thing is certain: a group of “challengers” can do great things, but one scared person can put you out of the game.

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