integration across the nation

i came across an article recent that fretted that advertising agencies were struggling with “integration”. Which is, IMHO, frequently mistakenly taken to mean that every idea can somehow effortlessly straddle multiple media and platforms.

Like if you just really racked your brain your idea will somehow become magically “integrated”.

Here’s the deal. Great ideas have energy and go places, bad ideas don’t have energy. they just sit there.

My test of a good idea is that anyone – the milkman, your spouse – can come up with great additions to your original idea.

Because great ideas are usually fundamentally and obviously good. Your biggest problem is deciding which great addition to produce.

A nice problem.

4 responses to “integration across the nation

  1. Nicely said!

    Most things you have to really work on:

    You can’t take impact for granted – your good idea might leave consumers cold if you didn’t tap into the right insight or execute well.

    You can’t take brand linkage for granted – a really good idea could suck the oxygen out of the room and leave your brand on the outside.

    Can’t take persuasion for granted – a good idea could be appealing as entertainment, but then not compel me to buy or try your product.

    But a good idea…as you mention…naturally wants to grow legs and fly and spread onto different mediums! It’s awesome to behold how the integration is already built in without too much effort!

    Of course, a key assumption is that you came up with an IDEA…not a 30s tv spot, or a radio script, or a print ad. If it’s the latter, then you’re living in the 90s, and you’re more or less depend on good luck to see if it will travel!


    PS – I wrote a post related to the above concepts, it’s on how to judge advertising, and you might be interested in it. The url is

    • the thing about great ideas Martin is that they tick every single box ever. and a huge part of having a great idea is that the culture, based on previous knowledge of the brand, agrees that your idea is indeed a great idea for the brand they usually are somewhat familiar with. two words: OLD and SPICE.

  2. I think all ideas can go places.
    it’s the executions that must stay put.
    and this is the way it has to be.

    • unfortunately riki, an awful lot of advertising ideas are merely one-sided brochures brought to life and aren’t particularly interesting. and so nobody cares about them. so they, in essence, go nowhere under their own steam.

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