A proper modern ad from Chipotle

Chipotle is a chain of restaurants that sells Mexican food here in the USA.

What distinguishes them from their competitors is the freshness of the ingredients and the fact that the tacos and burritos are assembled in front of you to your specs. The food is yummy, as we say in the industry.

Chipotle is also very picky about the ingredients it uses. Like Whole Foods Market, Chipotle realizes there is a growing market in this country for meat that it is farmed in a humane manner and not dosed with antibiotics 24/7.

So, in other words, Chipotle has a great story to tell.

And this video tells that story in a powerful and affecting manner.

What I love about it is that it’s a great use of online video.

Increasingly, I have come to the conclusion that advertising is simply storytelling. And if you don’t have a story to tell, don’t pretend you do. Give out a coupon or something.

Well done to all concerned here. Agency: CAA, directed by the well named Johnny Kelly. Great name that!

10 responses to “A proper modern ad from Chipotle

  1. That is rather lovely. Great choice of song too.

  2. yes rant. lovely is the word here. and willie is the man frankly.

  3. Stock up on Chipotle Away! I always wonder though whether to believe when a company claims being green or some other form of better business. Very hard to check this out. But I love the spot. Not a fan of the chain but after 17 years in LA I can be a Mexican Food snob 8)

    • here in midwest Chipotle is the reliable beacon of mex. plus, my vegetarian daughter loves it. not too many places we can all agree on!

  4. oh man. what a beautiful vid. the story is coo, but it’s the execution that makes it truly memorable. you’re absolutely right, vinny — if u don’t have a story, then don’t pretend you do! do you tell that to ur clients? well, i guess you do indirectly more or less. ha. as always, thanks for this gem of a post.

    • you what it is me! it’s about not wasting time, energy and money and living somewhat in the real world. so much of advertising is brands like Dell pretending they have something to say. they don’t. they never really did. and the precious little they actually could say “we will build a computer to your specs over the phone”, they studiously avoided saying. and look at them now. a joke. my 15 year old daughter was literally terrified that i was going to buy her a Dell. Macbook Air baby!

      • based on your daughter’s comments re: Facebook and now Dell, she seems smarter than most chief technology/innovation/wowza officers at most agencies!

  5. Loved it as well, an example of top level execution at the service of…storytelling (and not just at the service of…showing off).

    You’ll enjoy the “making of” video, via adfreak. It gave me a greater
    appreciation for the craftmanship that goes into this (it’s far from being a simple CGI creation)


    • it’s so funny you mention that martin. i have done precisely one stop motion ad in my career. And i started out all enthusiastic for like two hours before i realized two things. one, i didn’t care about stop motion animation. and two, it’s painful. i had so little to do with the production of this one. just lost complete interest! it took like six months.

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