They almost make it seem like a bad thing!

This Danish anti-drinking video has been doing the viral rounds. It’s a very fun technique. And i’m sure it will win tons of awards.

But i have to wonder, do ads like this really work on anyone.

I like it because, like all good comedy, it’s rooted in the truth.

but if you’re trying to prevent young people from partying it up, you’re shovelling back the tide in my opinion. Some things, like having a lot of fun, are a tough un-sell.

What’s the alternative? Sitting around chatting politely? Booooooooring!!!

you can see the ad here.

It’s well worth watching.

UPDATE: Oops, forgot most important bit! hover your cursor over the action to see the REAL story vs the drunk person’s imagined version of events. Sorry. that’s the whole idea. Took me a while to figure this out.

4 responses to “They almost make it seem like a bad thing!

  1. Very hard to tell a kid not to do something you did. Which means any kids I raise will have a lot of freedom. Lucky them! LOL

    • i have yet to find out how hard it will be howie. but i know it’s coming. “um, kids, don’t drink! i did and it was great fun and led to a great career selling beer to the masses.” So DON’T DO IT!

      you see my problem!

  2. Wow. Much too long a ride for me. And too complicated.

  3. i agree george. it works more as comedy for me. but it’s a novel technique. so props for that!

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