New work for Claussen pickles: POLAR BEAR SHOWDOWN

This the fourth video in our “Journey to the Claussen Pickles” series that we shot with director Sam Cadman.

I think we shot over 20 different people in total over two days.

That’s one thing i love about this approach to shooting commercials. You get to shoot so many different versions and try out so many different things vs shooting that rigid thirty second TV spot with just one idea. Also, you get better at it as you go. By day two we were flying through these, filled with confidence.

Think about it. So far, we have cut four minute videos from just two days of shooting. That’s eight minutes of content people!

I, and many others, have shot just one :30 commercial in a similar time frame.

I’m not sure where the idea of a slightly menacing skating polar bear came from, I think it was Sam our director, but i loved it. And he proved very useful. A nice visual bit.

So, on the second day of shooting we came up with the idea of a showdown between Sir Edwin and the bear. I think the polar bear was actually played by a crew member who played ice hockey.

6 responses to “New work for Claussen pickles: POLAR BEAR SHOWDOWN

  1. I love this campaign. The idea that a company called Claussen Pickles exists, let alone makes brave, funny motion picture advertising warms my heart immensely (I love pickles).

  2. thanks ben. it was a lot of fun to do. and these pickles are good. they’re the BMW and Apple of pickles. I should send you some. sure that’s possible somewhow.

  3. Are they available in LA? I’m due there next week and at the start of October. Will you be there then, by any chance?

  4. they are available in all sizeable grocery stores. not in LA next week. might be there in October. see if i can’t manufacture a reason to be there…casting! that’s it. casting. ;-)

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