Daily Archives: August 31, 2011


Because we at The Escape Pod have done quite of bit of experimentation with social media, people frequently ask us about it.

Like it’s something mysterious that there is an answer to.

You know, like there’s a solution to this whole social media thing.

Like it’s a problem rather than an opportunity.

Social media just is.

It’s something that exists and it’s entirely up to you how you take advantage of it.

Which sounds great. And it is great.

It’s awesome!

There’s just one problem.

And it’s a big one.

Social media is energy.

Actually it’s lots of little pulses of energy. Lots of little ideas.


Being active in social media is a lot like owning a very small regional newspaper.

You really have to sweat it to come up with the content all the time.

And that’s the real challenge.

This takes dedication and motivation and above all, energy.

As a longtime blogger I am frequently amazed at how many ad agency blogs are covered in weeds and cobwebs.

Because nobody took the effort to keep them updated.

They ran out of enthusiasm and energy. And ideas.

Social media isn’t just a marathon, and it’s not just an ultra-marathon.

It’s a forever marathon.

Wow. No wonder so many people drop out early.

A forever marathon? That doesn’t sound very appealing at all does it?

See you tomorrow!