Steve Jobs and I

I remember taking computer classes in college in the late 80s and being immediately repulsed by the whole thing.

There were floppy discs with something called DOS on them. They were key apparently. I hated those things.

And the whole thing felt like i was programming a space invaders game.

It was painful.

And the printers were crap too.

My idea of a computer was the Star Trek version where you asked the computer anything and it immediately answered your question.

You know, like we have now.

Largely thanks to Steve Jobs. And Google.

Now computing has finally caught up to me. Like I kind of secretly hoped it would.

Now it’s idiot proof and great fun.

And so easy to use.

That was Steve’s big idea.

Computers for the rest of us.

He understood that a lot of people, like me, didn’t want to have to think about computers.

They just wanted to use them.

Like they use a toaster.

So he built a computer as easy to use a toaster.

How many RAMs of memory does my mac have?

I don’t know. And what’s more, i don’t give a s**t.

It just works every time.

Like my toaster!

One response to “Steve Jobs and I

  1. Printers are still crap. All of them.

    But when I first got my Droid I explained it to people as: it’s technology the way I always thought technology should be. Easy to use and it does everything. 2.5 years later I still love the thing.

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