Saw this in a convenience store.

In anticipation of the football season, primo beer drinking time obviously, Miller Lite has placed these hulking inflated football players sporting local team colors in-store.

And don’t ask me why but they just work in a very overwhelming manner.

Suddenly there’s only ONE beer you’re going to pick up on the way to watch the game at your friend’s house.

It also makes you want to buy one of these inflatable monsters.

A truly great idea that will definitely “move the liquid” as they say in beerland.


  1. Another great p.o.p. series Miller Lite did was the Chicago-specific “Chi-rish” posters etc. for St. Pat’s. Nothing says “Irish” and “Chicago” like an American-style low-cal lager from Milwaukee, but it’s by far the most memorable stuff in that very crowded field.

    • i reluctantly agree John. the “chi-rish” thing works. unless of course you assume it’s a Sino-hibernian reference.

  2. Shucks. I was thinking that very same thing for Monster Munch.

  3. That reminds me: NEW DRINKING WARNING.
    Vodka and ice will ruin your kidneys. Rum and ice will ruin your liver. Whiskey and ice will ruin your heart. Gin and ice will ruin your brain. Pepsi and ice will ruin your teeth…Apparently ice is lethal! Warn all your friends: Lay off the ice!!
    And don’t forget ice also sank the Titanic…!

  4. imagine this was done in a way you somehow would have to wrestle The Inflatables to get to beer.

    guys would freak out on that.

    which gives me an idea…
    (back to work)

  5. Here is where I disagree with you Vinny. I will never buy Miller Lite. In fact I will never buy Miller, Coors, Bud of any style. There are lots of people like me but I do get that all the young binge drinkers and half of the US will. A huge freaking market. But I love the display. In fact I love most of the work the big 3 do. The real holy grail is how to prevent me from seeing their work (wasted $$ on me in my opinion) and replace it with a premium or microbrew brand’s advertisement. Then you have win-win!

  6. i would never buy Miller Lite either Howie. all i was saying was that encountering a huge Miller Lite inflated QB in a convenience store puts the brand front and center in the last ten yards of the marketing effort. If you’re not married to any particular brand, this could seal the deal. simply because it tickles the fun center of your brain. it’s on the right wavelength.

    There are ways to promote beer now that frankly the major brewers have been very slow to pick up on. I would love to make a new brand famous in this country. it’s totally doable.

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