On vacation. My son caught a fish!

see you soon. wifi is iffy here. that is a fifteen pound plus salmon! He is ten years old. my son, not the salmon.

14 responses to “On vacation. My son caught a fish!

  1. Jeez! Biggest fish I caught was a 4lb Pike in Lough Dergh. It was a mean fecker. It had my bait and a small fish in it’s gob when I eventually landed it.

  2. To: john w. I caught a 61 lb. carp with my bare hands in a swamp near Palatine IL. some years back. I used myself as bait, you pussy. And I weigh 190. I don’t have a picture, but I have the scars to prove it. Man up for crying out loud.

  3. To todd johnson. I forgot to say I was only 9 years of age at the time.

  4. To John w: I think i was about 70.

  5. To todd johnson: A small Pike wups any sized lard arse Carp (and dumb ass salmon,Vinny)…and you knows it! It’s not the size of the fish in the fight it’s the size of the fight in the fish.

  6. To John w: Take it easy. Fishing is the most popular sport in the U.S. I was just making a little fun of it, thats all. I have an island on a lake in minnesota.
    Lets go fishing and talk at the end of the dock. better yet, lets not go fishing and just sit at the end of the dock.

  7. Vinny,
    You and your son are more than welcome to do the same. It’s a lot closer than Austraila.I’ll leave a light on. And the keys (never used them) in the boathouse.

  8. I prefer first pic.
    it was so… so… down under.

  9. To Todd Johnson: I was taking it easy. I was just joshing too…but I’m right about Pike v Carp though! Happy fishing to everyone. :->

    • Hey John w.
      No question about that. I don’t want to go on about this fishing thing, but you’re right. Carp are a big, fat ,butt ugly bunch. Extra lazy too. Thats why they’re easy to catch. They’re groundfeeders. The Northern pike is a fighter from the get go, no matter the size, Until you deal with the dreaded Muskie. I started my career in a small agency in MPLs MN. They had an account for ( but no money) something called the Rapala lure. And they did something AMAZING. I would watch endless amount of footage of their designers working with fish in tanks, and guess what? Some of those fish went for it. I would too, if I was in a tank. Fishing is big biz, Boats, engines, sonar, radar,and hopefully catching something. It also goes hand in hand with a cooler of beer.

      My offer stands. My cabin is your cabin.
      trying to find the secret to catching fish.. will keep our economy alive. Fishing is BIG biz.

  10. see above

  11. Todd,
    Fish in Tanks? Sherman or Panzer?

  12. That is awesome. How did it taste or did you catch and release?

    • it tasted wonderful howie. the resort cooked it up later that night and smoked the rest. we’re still eating it.

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