Daily Archives: August 4, 2011


I remember 14 years ago having this idea for Bud Light, which i worked on back then btw.

A guy walks into a convenience store and gets a six pack of Bud Light.

He leaves the store.

We see someone suddenly appear to walk right behind him.

And then somebody else. And more and more people.

And he looks behind himself and realizes they all want his bud light and the yakkety sax music kicks in and the whole thing speeds up into a Benny Hill ending. The mob runs through a ladies’ sporting changing room. Old bald men get slapped on the head etc. As they chase the Bud Light guy all around.

To me this was as good as it was gonna get. I felt it was perfect for the rather juvenile tone of the brand.

But no.

People at the agency felt Benny Hill was too downmarket for Bud Light.

Exsqueeze me! It’s Bud fucking Light. It’s perfect.

I couldn’t believe it.

It’s still perfect.

But you move on, don’t you.

Jeff Greenhouse had some interesting things to say about our Wheat Thins work

I personally love exploiting the media to max out their usefulness.

There’s an art to using and abusing the media.

I have done a lot of this. It’s great fun.

So i am a fan of our Wheat Thins work. I love the mixture of twitter and TV.

It was going to be done at some point but we were just the ones to do it too.

Our experience in shooting lots of reality TV really paid off here.

This was easy for us. We knew exactly what we were getting into.

Jeff Greenhouse recently did a nice analysis of the idea that I liked.

You can read it here.

Thanks Jeff!


I haven’t even see the whole thing yet but clearly this video is blowing up online. And will probably hang around for a week to be replaced by something equally random and brilliant.

Random and brilliant are tough to pull off in anything or any medium.

But harder still in an ad.

Because ads have to carry freight: a selling message.

And that can be a millstone around your neck in the online video environment.

Because lighter always travels fastest and farthest.

I personally think the best way to make a video popular these days is to wallow in the fact that you’re doing a commercial to the point that it’s funny and weird.

You’re an ad. Nothing wrong with that. Just make it worthy of my attention.

A side effect of having ever more splintered media landscape and multiple screens angling for your attention is that your video has to be very singular and focused.

It literally has to jump from screen to another effortlessly.

Berries and Cream and Old Spice are proof that this approach works.

I’m not going to argue with success.