Like many city dwellers i was perplexed by NASCAR’s success. Until i experienced it firs hand while working on Budweiser.

Bud sponsored Dale Earnhardt Jr. A superstar of the game.

And i had the great honor of writing the very first Dale Jr. Bud spot.

This is it. I based the spot on something Dale said in an interview with Rolling Stone. He was asked how he might improve NASCAR. He replied “put music in the cars”.

If you’ve never experienced the NASCAR culture it’s hard to understand the passion it evokes in middle America.

They fucking love it. And if you go to a race you immediately understand why.

This is a sport that organically grew up in the south of America.

These guys are cowboys.

These guys are also astronauts.

They are heroes.

So THIS prayer is entirely appropriate then.

Ironically i found it on a UK website.

This man of the Lord has it entirely right.

5 responses to “NASCAR HALLELUJAH!!!

  1. ‘Boogety, boogety, boogety. Amen.’
    This is how I’m going to end my next client presentation.

  2. genius.
    pure genius.

  3. I would almost go to church if this guy was the preacher…almost.

    Great spot Vinny. Did you mount a steady cam inside and film when he was running solo around the track? Or did he say ‘Vinny I ain’t no wuss I can do this during a race’

    • glad you liked howie. what we did was shoot an actual NASCAR race Jr was racing in Homestead Florida on a sunday from outside the fence and in the pits. and then on Monday shot the action/comedy parts with Dale. He actually hit the M&M car at about 80 mph. he fucked it up pretty good. great guy. he then invited us to go partying with him and the Miami Dolphin cheerleaders at a strip club. perhaps unbelievably we declined. i know. I know.

      word to the wise. DO NOT shoot NASCAR with a hangover. it will kill you.

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