How to write the perfect modern :30 TV spot

You ready?


Here’s what you do. Remember that there is very probably one of two other screens that are biting into the attention given to TV screen here. Deal with that reality.

You do not have anything near the viewer’s full attention. That would be a delusion from 1995. It’s 2011. A lot has changed.

OK, so you’ve realized a key lesson. Your share of attention is nowhere near what you thought it was.

What now? Well your idea will have to be a bit more salient.

Your idea literally has to pop off the TV screen to even get my attention.

You have to be cognizant of the shifting sands of consumer attention and adjust your ideas accordingly.

This rules out a lot of traditional TV ad templates from another era. The “gag with a tag” ain’t cutting it anymore. Because it assumes the attention of the “viewer”. A mighty big assumption in 2011.

And, ideally, your idea should be for a berries and cream concoction of some sort.

This is the perfect example of what i mean.

The idea just overwhelms the viewer. Prising their eyes from the smaller screens to behold the magnificence on the big screen.

But the great thing about this approach is that your “commercial” instantly stands a better chance of living on the smaller screens too if you get the execution right.

As these guys did.

If you have the good fortune to be on the TV, treat it as a seeding program.

TV is the ultimate seeding program. These guys realized this.

4 responses to “How to write the perfect modern :30 TV spot

  1. What is the idea exactly?

    It’s just a weird execution loosely tied to the name of the product.

  2. dan, sorry i simply don’t have the energy or the inclination to explain the brilliance of berries and cream. show it to some people you know and watch their reaction.

    it’s a piece of branded silliness for a silly candy brand. and one that realizes the media environment into which it was cast.

  3. so true.

    TV must have a print logic – you have 3-4 seconds to glue the attention. otherwise you have a festival stuff. only creatives wait for the end-punch, ordinary people never do!

    this is one good example of it: in first 5 secs you have product name and a build up for something totally unexpected. it’s also contagious. another key element.

  4. yes riki. the dynamic was different ten years ago. TV has to have more energy these days. it has to attack more.

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