I’m frequently struck by how few brands have an identifiable and ownable vibe or tone in their advertising.

It’s quite a valuable thing to own.

But it’s hard to create for a couple of reasons.

One, most ad creatives are incapable of creating one. It takes a lot of skill to do well.

And two, a lot of brands don’t exude a tone worth rebroadcasting.

The great thing about having a brand tone is that it adds up to something over time.

Your advertising doesn’t show up as somebody new every year. your brand is a familiar friend. or at least, familiar.

4 responses to “OWN A TONE.

  1. I’m constantly suprised how many brands just want to be hip, cool and trendy. usually for no reason but some creative big-shot’s ego or CMO’s “legacy”.
    I once heard Droga talk where he mentioned the enormous importance of “emotional relevance”. IMHO he’s a master of it.
    as much as it sounds like jargon it’s exactly the same you’re talking about: find yourself a unique voice and stick with it.
    most generic categories need this very badly: cars, beer, insurance…

  2. and in these categories it’s actually the only difference between brands.
    like theme party. how are you gonny stick out of you look like everybody else?

  3. good point riki. it always saddens me when i see a beer brand just trying to be funny without any thought as to HOW they are going to be funny. like being funny is enough. The DOS EQUIS work being the exception to this. they have their own comedy that only they can do. that’s a tone.

  4. Vinny this is similar to the horrible Pepsi superbowl commercials. (once again they need a Mistress now don’t they?!) All I saw was assault with soda cans. Assaults technically that would get you in jail if they happened in real life. That was their…uhm tone.

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