Hurricane Harry about to hit one last time.

I just got home from a wrock gig.

That’s not a misspelling.

Wrock means “wizard rock”. wizard rock is rock music about Harry Potter.

My 15 year old daughter is a long time and hardcore HP fan.

So much so that I drove her to a wrock gig.

I shot this lil vid while there. This was pure nerd heaven.

The singer just released a new CD about Dr. Who.

It was so cool to see this culture in action.

And we all got pix with them after.

These guys are a youtube sensation “in the fandom” as my daughter puts it.

The last movie comes out real soon.

Harry Potter is this generations Star Wars and Lord of the Rings combined.

It’s a cultural comet. It has hit real hard for a very long time.

I find it interesting looking for evidence of its impact in the culture.

Where do you think the sudden interest in vampires came from a few years back?

The HP audience will be a very discerning one.

They have great story in their DNA.

And those books are hefty. ADD these kids are not.

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