I have only freelanced secretly on the side while employed at a big agency.

Sneaky, I know. But I was bored.

And the money was good. Real good in fact.

Since opening my own agency I have hired countless freelance ad creatives.

And here are my findings.

1. Shit is urgent. You’re costing me quite a bit of money. So perform. Now. Not in a couple of days. Not when you feel like it. Now. Amateurs wait for “inspiration”. Pros get out their hammers and start hacking away at the coalface.
2. Talk. Don’t sit staring at your laptop (ie FACEBOOK). Start a conversation about the assignment. I can guarantee you the guy/gal that hired you will be only too eager to share their problem with you.
3. Put ideas on the wall. Show your output. Invite criticism.
4. You see a need for something, fill it. Is your temporary employer a visibly ADD Irish jackass? Then help him out. Do what he’s not good at. He’ll be grateful. I’m looking at you Mike Fazende. ;-)
5. Be good fun. Be animated. Contribute to the vibe of the agency you’re working at.
6. Don’t be afraid of your employer. Have strong opinions. Push back. Out of heat comes light.
7. Ideas are a dime a dozen. We all know that. They just are. Visions however are precious. Have a vision for the brand you’re working on. Do my job for me. Please!
8. Don’t create your schedule around your leisure time. If the assignment is due next Wednesday, don’t tell me you can’t come in Friday and Monday but can come in Tuesday. That’s too late.
9. Treat the assignment like it’s yours. Like you and you alone are respsonsible for it, the success of the agency, and the very life of little baby Jesus himself.
10 Be smoking hot-looking! Just kidding of course. It might not hurt though. That’s just wrong. I didn’t say that. You did. What kind of animal are you? You should be ashamed of yourself!


  1. Are you on a horse?

  2. horse?

  3. You have been spending time in California I see. Some of your points are very California. But the waves were too good to work Bra! I am always stuck in traffic. My bong was clogged so I was out of inspiration.

    Great tips. BTW Pepsi needs a new creative agency. I want to pitch you to the CEO. What can I show her. No worries you have time. She won’t take my call so far. But working on it. First Chobani but Pepsi is coming soon after!

  4. Sorry Vinny, I appear to have got my messages all mixed up.
    I’d agree with all that and add that freelancers remember a job is not a learning process it’s an elimination process.
    As Fast Eddie Felson would probably say, “Winner stays on”.
    Right, I’m out of here.

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