Three Escape Podders, myself included, just returned from the Cannes advertising festival.

The highlight of the trip was getting five pieces onto the shortlist. We only entered six!

The lowlight was finding out a day later that we didn’t score any metal. But, like the poker pros say if not winning doesn’t sting a bit, you shouldn’t be in the game.

Upside: a lot of fun was had and a lot of bullshit talked and many acquaintances from far and wide renewed.

Thanks to Smuggler/Psyop/The Whitehouse for a yummy dinner in Antibes. And thanks also to Station Films for a great soiree in…up a hill somewhere.

And kudos also to inestimable Escape Pod producer Kent Kwiatt who is a licensed sailor and rented a yacht and took us and a few pals out for a wondrous sail in the Med.

Life doesn’t suck.

7 responses to “CANNES 2011 UPDATE

  1. Your films were awesomely received in the screening. Congrats.

    • They were Tommy? Well that is great. Now if only the jury had the slightest clue what they were doing. I’m kidding. no, really i’m kidding.

  2. Vinny,
    congrats on your near-metal experience.
    can I be a lazy MF and simply ask what got shortlisted?

    overall I totally agree. it’s dog’s life on cote d’azur.

    • Riki

      we got four spots from our Wheat Thins work shortlisted in snacks and our ALIEN FIELD TRIP film for Lunchables was shortisted in Corporate Image category. Cannes is a real party town. i was hoping to bump into Mr. Edge and Mr. Bono Vox who have houses nearby. but twas not to be.

      • Vinny,
        these are two tough categories. snacks for a vast amount of good work, corporate image for its rigidness and difficulty to break-through.
        which makes your achievements even more respectable.
        congrats again.

  3. They were over in Glastonbury eh!

  4. That is really impressive Vinny! next year working on your Chobani entries 8)

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