More new work for Claussen pickles

8 responses to “More new work for Claussen pickles

  1. This one I like even more – because it’s even more in your face about “Not here… but here”. I like the sad reflective moment bit. Good work fellas.

  2. thanks vic. yeah we really had to make that point. what a crazy shoot.

  3. great stuff!

    the actor is phenomenal and she bought into it as well.
    just perfect.

    • we searched everywhere to find that actor riki. found him in london with a little help from Dave Trott who put us in touch with a great UK comedy casting agent.

  4. First one was okay, this one is great, love it!

  5. I like it! V-good casting………..who’s the comedy casting agent?

    • thanks mark. that means something coming from you. the casting agent was greg kyle. recommended by D. Trott Esq. his name is Roger Barclay and he is a trouper.

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