Funny ad from Ireland

5 responses to “Funny ad from Ireland

  1. wow, this is pretty strong.

  2. HAHA! can’t wait to share with Pat Quirke!

    But I want to put this in perspective. Growing up in the NYC area I had lots of irish friends. The stereotype was drinkers. Irish Pubs were the pub of choice if you want to seriously drink.

    Then around 1995 the Irish Tiger emerged. Tech companies moved there. It was a raging economy. Property values jumped. It was one of those European Success Stories. People forgot Ireland had a drinking aspect.

    Then came the bust. It was mega-big. Tech has slumped. Property crumbled. The Government insolvent.

    is this a case of going back to what you do best? And is that so bad if you can galvanize support for the beer and whiskey industry into an export machine which is fairly recession proof?

  3. No Howie (and Vinny). It is proof that whatever we decide to do, we do it full-throttle. If it’s drinkin’ and fightin’, then that’s all there is. Property, well say no more. Mega-busts, we are the winners, hands down. Cuteness…you get my drift.
    Now we need to tear it all up and start again, which we are proving singularly unsuccessful at.

  4. ha! i agree pat. we’re all in all the time. but i do think ireland could sell a lot more whiskey overseas. i was shocked by the success of the FECKIN whiskey brand we launched here a few years ago. it went nuts.

  5. Then may i suggest you get the promoters of that whiskey to launch another dozen similar brands, Vinny.
    I’m not a whiskey drinker, but our beers have been completely side-swiped by Bud, Miller, a waning Heineken and a plethora of Eastern European beers, which I cannot spell, even when sober.
    The Irish have deserted the pub in favour of Off-licence (Liqour Store to you Howie) purchase and home-drinking. Seeing as how we always need someone to watch over us, the absence of a barman has been a terrifyingly dangerous experience for most. With no-one to kick you out the door, you don’t know when to stop, so regular 3-day benders become 3-week marathons, almost to the death.
    Anyway, I digress.
    Our whiskeys are still awesome.
    Get your ass over here and pitch that idea to some of the distillers. It will work. Ireland is going back to it’s roots. Thrift and economy are back in fashion. This is a story we will sell over the next decade.
    Howie and I will accept a small royalty from the fortune you will make.

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