Claussen pickles are easily the best pickle in the American supermarket.

I was not a pickle connoisseur. So I was completely fresh to this category.

And Claussen pickles are demonstrably better than their competition. They look better. They taste fresher because they are fresher. It’s all good here.

There’s just one tiny problem.

Claussen pickles are in a different section of the supermarket than where you might automatically – and not unreasonably – shop for pickles: the pickle shelf.

Claussen pickles are the only pickles housed in the deli chilled section area. Because they’re chilled to keep them fresher. So you have to go slightly out of you shopping way to find them. But they’re worth it.

So we thought we’d point this anomaly out in the advertising.

We shot this in a lovely grocery store in Jersey City, New Jersey. And yes those are real actual bona fide average people.

But the huskies are totally fake!

It was directed by Sam Cadman of Trigger Happy TV fame. Sam was a joy to work with and a fountain of ideas. Thank you Station Films.

These were edited by Graham Metzger at Hootenanny Chicago. Who had a baptism of reality advertising fire. Thanks for all your and Sean’s efforts and patience and ideas.

And thanks to Greg and all at Burn Crash Repeat in New York for the kick ass graphics. Once again.

Gratitude too to Ben Kay and Dave Trott for their help in casting our talent, Roger Barclay. He used to be an officer in a British Army cavalry regiment you know.

Great job Roger. You were perfect. Thanks man.

And of course, none of this would have been possible without the cool folks at Claussen.
Gary Berger, Lynne Strickler and Heather Fries.

Thanks so much. This was a lot of fun to do.


  1. I love it.
    great promotional vehicle.

    btw, can’t you make a link to your FB page at the end of the YT ad?

    • glad you like riki. the link at the end was to a coupon offer that worked like crazy. 25K gone in a matter of hours. who needs groupon eh?

  2. Love the Alaskan sled bike. Bully! Where can I win a Claussen Pickle sled bike? (Hint. Hint.)

    • alas rob there was only one sled bike created and it’s back at Classen towers along with the fake huskies. the guy who made that bike was a real mcgyver.

  3. You had me at “journey”

    • this was just silly fun vic. wait till you see the one called “polar bear showdown”.

      • Hehe. What I meant was I love the brutal simplicity of taking the customer on “a journey” to actual aisle in the store where the pickles are. Since they are in an unusual part of the store. That is proper advertising right there. Of course, you made it fun too.

  4. It’s like Bullwinkle meets DangerMouse!

  5. I love this. The north east being Pickle Land has other pickles in the same chilled section. In the South East where they prefer sweet pickles they normally are all in the warm are with other pickled products like pickled onions etc.

    But comedy aside I love this because of the taste test the most. I think Vlasic also in some markets and is chilled and would be hard to tell the difference from but since most people will just see Claussen and they do crunch this was great!

    • interesting pickel geographic analysis howie. in the midwest it’s pretty much the only one in the chiller.

      we got lucky with our talent in this spot. that guy was a real character. he is a tennis coach and was actually in a bit of a hurry that day. i love his understated endorsement. “Pretty good!”.

  6. The music is perfect. Is it stock?

  7. Georgey the Quad Dude

    That Brit guy is a pure legend… Hilarious! Thanks for makin us laugh Claussen!

  8. Thanks Georgey, he was a real find. great fun to work with too. lots of ideas.

  9. Why do I love this idea so much? Easy.
    1. The creative idea is a simple premise based on an actual brand attribute that doesn’t take an entire PowerPoint deck and six Account Planners to explain.
    2. The spots are as fun to watch as I’m sure they were to make.
    3. It lives online without turning into some Internet 3.0 nerd fest of over-complication only bored college students and shut-ins have time to “immerse” themselves in.
    I could go on, but I’ll stop here. Great work, Vinny and team. I’m gonna show these around the office and let everyone know this is how it’s done.

  10. what Wade said! Thanks man.

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